Steam connected to wrong sostronk id Please HELP!


Please help me i connected to my fren steam account using my sostronk id, how do i change it please help!
Steam Name : MXN-M-ZOWIE
Steam Link :
SoStronk ID : MXN


Hi @MXN91,

Thanks for trying out SoStronk. We do not allow disconnecting Steam IDs from an account once connected. However, I do understand your case and my suggestion is to create a new SoStronk account like this-

  1. Give your existing SoStronk account to your friend (change the email address on your account to his email, and change your alias to what he wants). He will need to verify using the verification link sent to his email address.
  2. Create a new SoStronk account for you, and connect your Steam ID to it.