Steam acc linked to another sostronk acc and forgot the email


i linked my csgo acc to stronk and ab i forgot sstk pass and id + gmail so how can i unlink my acc and make a new acc.?


We do not disconnect Steam IDs from verified SoStronk accounts. Even if you’ve forgotten your alias/password you can use “Login with Steam” on and then check your profile for details.

#3 this is my id and i want to disconnect the sostronk acc from this acc.


add me on steam i sent you a req i want to talk to you


Did you try Login with Steam?


Btw, if you have never verified the SoStronk account to which you have connected your Steam ID, you can simply create a new SoStronk account and connect your Steam ID to it.


i verified the sostronk id but when i am trying to connect with steam. I can’t. Help


See Start from scratch