Sstk client chat has problems

Hey i have also mentioned this problem long before and now the same thing is happening again. Whenever i am ingame and some1 texts me(SSTK CHAT) then my game minimizes suddenly and sshowing the chat dialogbox please check this problem.

And this problem is solved :
Please Fix the AC problem

Thanks and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Hi. Were we able to fix this the last time you reported the issue? That will help us pinpoint the problem faster.
Meanwhile, I’ll try to take a look about why this happened.

yes bro i think it was fixed and last day my friend HaxOn420 texted me and this issue again appeared

Thanks. I will look into this particular problem in the coming days.

hey bro 1 more problem i noticed that whenevr the sstk client is open and after opening the game if i right click in the console then the game is crashing. please check this also