SSTK Anti Cheat Auto Shut

Since last week I have been facing weird problems with anti-cheat. It goes off while the game is running. I got DC twice with the PUGS and then it refuses to start. After I restarted my PC, re-installed CS GO, Re-installed SSTK, the anti-cheat is working. But the issue is it might just auto-turn off randomly. I have gotten 2 CDs because of this. - This is the latest PUG in which this issue happened today.

I am requesting you guys to please reset my Cool Down Stats and please provide a possible fix.
I have added SSTK as an exception to Kaspersky.


Do you see SoStronk Odin Idle or SoStronk Odin Protected on the top-right corner inside CS:GO when you launch it?

Yes I do, its idle when the game starts and protected when I reach the game. But the game crashes for I dont Know what and it does not load. I have sent you email with videos attached.

re-installed cs go, re-installed anti-cheat, verified the integrity of game file. Faceit and MM the game never crashes like this. Problem is anti-cheat doesnt not load after the game crashed, it kept showing me errored.


Any help guys?
or should I just wait for random cooldowns due to Anti-Cheat auto disconnecting randomly?


We made multiple attempts but could not reproduce the crashes on our test machines after full games. Maybe it is a corner case bug in Odin that is causing it to crash in your environment.
If you continue facing these issues, kindly email for a refund as we are unable to provide you a resolution as of now.