SoStronk's Policy on players with VAC'ed teammates?


Neckbreak had registered for the SoStronk Challenger series, and one of their players has gotten a VAC ban.

What’s SoStronk’s policy on this? Will NB be disqualifed too or allowed to play with another player.
If they are allowed with another player, how will you ensure that it is not Krish with another ID?


Challenger #1 Registration

Thanks for raising this question. Outright, we will be removing then from Challenger #1. We need to reflect on this to come up with a fair policy for the player in question, and the team he was playing for.


@VuNaMi Follow the global rules :smiley:


considering their reputation , i guess u should either wait for their statement or give them another chance ?


Yes… When KQYL got Vac ban = Titan was banned from Dreamhack 2014


They Got Banned on esea too bro.


My team got registered for your tourney. But one of our player have got a 10 year old VAC on cs 1.6. Does it make him ineligible? If yes, I will swap him with one of our standby. But I can assure you guyz that he doesnt use any kind of illegal things in CSGO. Hope u guyz understand.
Thank You :smile:
@Ad1tya sir any comments??


Of course the team shouldn’t suffer on the long run.

But unless his VAC is reversed (highly highly unlikely), he and any other avatars of him should be banned from all tournaments.


Happy was vac banned many years ago for 1.6.

I don’t think it matters. Rest is upto SoStronk.


There are players who play with a COD VAC Ban as well.

I doubt SoStronk will hold a 1.6 ban against the player, but it’s upto them.


I think the team should be disqualified as well
We never know if NB is playing from other ID


We are still debating the policy against NB the team. We do not want them to suffer because of a single member, and therefore they are only disqualified from this upcoming tournament. However, the player itself, unless proven innocent, will have a more severe timeout.


A temporary ban for the team from the upcoming tournaments seem to be the correct action until the official Valve statement is released and even if the player is found guilty there is no point in punishing the whole team. Rather, action against the player will be a better decision.


Well, if we could have guaranteed that NB would play this tournament without the member in question, we would not have problem with that. But we do not want to take the headache of checking for secondary accounts etc. NB is welcome to participate in Challenger #2 though.