Sostronk tournament team member swap


one of our team members will not be able to participate in the minor qualifier will we be able to replace him with another member ? TIA.


Hi @RAGE_bd

You need to unregister your team and make the changes then re-register again. I can unregister you from the backend. Please confirm.


is there any chance that when we unregister we might get no slot in the sostronk tourney ?


Can you try adding a new member? Team lock isnt live yet, so you should be able to add


ok i have added my member now how do i unregister and register again with the new line up.


If you’ve added your new teammate it’s ok then right? You dont need to remove the old player if you have a playing 5. You can have upwards to 8 players on your team


but how do i register my new member to the tournament ?.his name is not showing in the tournament lineup list


What is your team name? Plz link your team page

this is my team



I’ve readded your team. Should be fine now.


bro im sorry but you added the same lineup i need to get rid of ork70 and put in zulk. and thank you for all the help


can you please unregister this team too in the oceania region so i change members, Admin unregister team please



Ive removed your team @RAGE_bd Make the changes and message me here


ive made my changes now should i register ?


I added you back. Cheers!