SoStronk Subscription upgrade


I took subscription for 6 months just couple of days back. Its going to expire on Feb 10, 2020 12:30:10 AM. After this new update I am currently under casual subscription. However if I want to have Pro subscription is it not possible to upgrade by paying the excess amount as my subscription is only two days old.

Please advise


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I have the same question, I have also purchased quarterly subscription before this massive update
and the only reason i bought it was for the Ping Limiter.

Now if i have to get access to it again, i have pay again in excess to a Pro subscription to get it.

How exactly is this fair for the users who recently purchased it just before this update?


What kind of a upgrade is this, when an existing Paid subscriber now cannot use the ping limiter?
My sub gets expired in September and now i cannot play on the servers i want. a random lookout.

What a way to treat ur existing subs.

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We actually made a mistake with this particular bit, underestimated how important Ping Limiter was for players. But, fear not! We make mistakes, but we’re proud that we listen to your feedback, and this will be fixed by tomorrow.



Thank you shaan7. Please look into it.

@ELemenT10 @GreeN2 @naahtE this is now fixed :slight_smile: GLHF

This exact thing happened with me, I had 15 days left in my subscription. But since ping limiter was not provided as an option for a casual plan, I bought the Pro plan for a quarter. And now existing subscribers have been given the Pro plan for free.

So basically I paid double price for these 15 days, for the same subscription. So can you please extend my Pro plan for 15 days?

@Fury the way we’re handling cases like yours (who bought Pro today) is that we will grant you tokens for the extra you ended up paying. Will you like all PUG tokens for that? Or some Practice tokens as well?

I have enough tokens as it is (they already added up from casual plan + when I bought the Pro plan today).

I would like to have my subscription extended by 15 days, as any more tokens will end up not being used anyways.


@Fury apply the code FORSID2 on . The code is locked to your account so you’ll need to be logged in.

hi i bought 1 month subscription but money was deducted and no tokens were given