SoStronk startup error


Not able to open sostronk it is not loading. Kindly help me with this problem


We need logs to find out whats wrong, download our logs reporter from . It will create a zip file on your desktop, please send it to


cant get the file


Getting any error?


Its not even starting when i try to open the app


You mean the logs reporter that you downloaded from is not starting?


the log is done but the file is not there in desktop and the sostronk app aint startin


i found it wait :stuck_out_tongue:


Done i replied to your old mail and sent the file :slight_smile: ! Please make it fast because i have got my match (ESL) soon :slight_smile:


@reylucifer Still haven’t got the mail, are you sure you’ve sent it to ?


Sent it once more check it :slight_smile: !


@reylucifer got it this time. Looks like its crashing when it asks your GPU to initialize the screen. This has happened with one more guy few weeks back, for him uninstalling and reinstalling the latest driver for the graphics card fixed it. Can you try that? Also, please post what GPU are you using.


ATI Radeon HD 4350


tell me which file to exactly uninstall


I’m not sure what ATI’s driver is called in the Programs list, just check for something that looks like ATI in your programs list and uninstall from there.
You can get updated drivers from


done still not openin :#


Hmm then we’ll need a crash dump from Windows. To enable crash dump reporting, download and run the registry file from . Once that is done, run the app and when it crashes Windows will create crash dump files in C:\Dump.
The dump file is pretty big, you should first zip it up and then share it with me using whatever you prefer - Google Drive, Mediafire etc.


I did still the folder is empty


Hmm, then it means the app is not crashing when starting. After you start the app (I know nothing shows up), but does it show sostronk.exe in Task Manager? Can you tell me what exactly happens when you try to start the app?