Sostronk ranking system is crap!

Every other pug i find i get one or more players who are cocks while rank is bronze badger. They throw the whole game and it gets really frustrating. I hope ull at sstk can fix this issue cuz i know many ppl who face this.

That is not a problem of the ranking algorithm (its actually working well if you found that a cock is bad at the game).
This issue can happen if there aren’t enough people near your rank searching at the same time as you.

but the ranks should be like all cocks playing together and all cobras together aswell as badgers and pug masters. why is it mixed.

I explained that already, it’s very rare to have 10 players of exactly the same rank searching at the same time. So the matchmakng system will try to match you with your exact rank but if it can’t find enough people after waiting for few mins, it has no choice but to match with other ranks.