Sostronk on linux!


Dear concerned person,

Is there any way i can run sostronk app on linux preferably ubuntu 16.04?It will be great if it’s possible.

Thank you in advance.



Hi @RP,

Although we run SoStronk on Ubuntu on development machines (I use it at home), we do not yet have immediate plans of releasing a public version.


Hi shaan7,

I tried installing sosrtronk app using winehq but it didn’t work :frowning:

Although i could be your first beta user for the linux version :smiley: anyway good to know you use it at home.




Even if you get it working on wine it won’t work because the bundled EasyAntiCheat won’t be able to protect CSGO (which you’re running natively on Linux).

Sure, happy to hear that :slight_smile:


I see.Well let me know if there is any arrangement for beta testing of the linux version :slight_smile:


waiting for release of public version…


Well I bring more bad news. Even if we release SoStronk for Linux, you
will still not be able to play because EasyAntiCheat does not work on
Linux (or Mac).