SoStronk new update getting detected as suspicious file

After the recent update avast detected sostronk app as the suspicious file and automatically got submitted for further checking it was advised not to use sostronk until the checking is done which had an estimate checkup time of about 3 hours and until then I will be unable to open it. I had to put it in exclusion file in order to run it. Please look into it.

What Avast version are you running? Can you give a screenshot of what exactly Avast detects it as?

12.3.2280 Latest avast version. It got suspicious file warning not related to any virus. avast’s new (it think, never saw it before) cybercapture engine thought it needed a checkup.

one more thing your offline installer got straight blocked as a virus with threat named “Drep” No ss of it though

“a very rare file” lol :stuck_out_tongue: What happens when you click “More details” ?

ridiculous, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
It gives details like the program is installed in so and so directory, the file is x.x MB and the publisher is unknown and asks if I trust this file. However, if I click I trust it, avast just takes the feedback and still keep the file blocked. I know about the exclusion so I can access it or would have to wait 250 minutes.