Sostronk MMR system

Hello Sostronk Mods and Admins,I want to let you know that the sostronk MMR must be updated after every match we play sometimes it just doesnt update after i have played like 5 or 6 games and its really frustating for me to find out my elo,Thank You

Your MMR updates based on a fixed rating period. That rating period depends on your rank. Lower the rank, the quicker your MMR refreshes, higher the rank - more time it takes.
It can range between 3 hours and 18 hours.

And in every case even if the max allotted time has passed - you need to play a pug for it to refresh/recalculate.

Thats what im saying it needs to be updated after every match just like faceit, i want this update,can it be possible in some months?

The thing of 3-18 hours is really frustating

It is not a system limitation or something we’ve left out. Its a deliberate choice because calculating MMR over multiple games gives a better representation of a player’s skill. For example, lose,win,lose,win,win while you’re at the edge of a rank, you might rank up, down, up, down. Instead of that, doing it over a time period means the MMR is updated only once.

This isn’t something we’ve done arbitrarily, it is recommended by the official Glicko2 paper: (search for Rating Period).

Okay i guess its okay now this topic can be closed,Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Dont worry we will have a new update out for MM. It will follow the same guidelines but will be much more optimized.