Sostronk Mmm to rankup

I subscribed to sostronk for Ellie.but the mmr history on my sostronk app is not up to the mark.i mean it is not even much mmr does a single win gives?also tell me about the loss?

The exact MMR change depends on your MMR and the MMR of opponents. In general:

  • If you win against higher MMR, your MMR will increase. The more the difference between yours and theirs MMR, the more the increase.
  • If you lose against lesser MMR, your MMR will decrease. The more the difference between yours and theirs MMR, the more the decrease.

Also, MMR is not updated after every game. It updates after a batch of games (you’ll only see a max of 1-2 updates every day, depending on your rank). Also see General talk to use elo

See High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is

Can u pleasr tell me atleast an approximate number of mmr points after a win and also after a loose?

I cant understand the mmr given in my sostronk app.i m an elite user GeT_

“Our system not only looks at Win/Loss but also at how each player performed (IR). This means that rankups are easier for players who won and played very good. It also means that players who won but didn’t perform good will rankup slower (hence reducing ‘boosting’).”

“Glicko2 requires that the MMR (MatchMaking Rating) should not be updated after every game, instead it should be updated for a batch of games. The exact amount of +/- MMR depends on your MMR and the MMR of your opponents.”

Source : Link posted above ^

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That’s not even true friends do rankup after 3 games from king cobra to badger but i even cant at 4 wins out of which 3 i top fragged with 1.20+ir.also one of my friend started playing case go last month Cs go gave him rank silver elite but ur system makes him rankup so easily hes king cobra now.he gets rankup after each win in a row he hardly hits more than 14frags in a pug i can also give u his id link

There’s no standard approximation, but I can provide examples-

  • 1v1 between players who are both 1500 MMR, winner becomes 1649, loser becomes 1337
  • 1v1 between players who are 800, 1800 MMR.
    – If first player wins, he becomes 1099, second player becomes 1651
    – If second player wins, he becomes 1809, first player becomes 790

(in the cases above I have assumed that all players performed normally)

I have won 5 pugs in a row still no ranking to badger.what is wrong with ur ranking system??pizza check it it still shows 1614 mmr how much pugs more man

Really fed up of this shit

Any one could have got 2 back to back rankups on these wins with 1.85 1.97 ir plz check and help sir my pug link -


There is no guarantee of any number N that “If you win N PUGs in a row, you will rank up”. The change in MMR depends on what your current MMR is and the MMR of your opponents.

See if these help-

Nothing is wrong with it. I checked and your MMR was updated at 10:49 PM on 7 October (yesterday) as designed.

This is the issue, if you try to find out “how many PUGs before a rankup”, it will be very frustrating because it depends on a dozen of factors. Think about it - someone’s rank doesn’t just represent "Oh he's a Honey badger, so he won 19 PUGs in a row", it is a indicator of relative skill, and that doesn’t depend on number of PUGs.

But sir my mmr isn’t updating a played one more pug today.yesterday 10.49 the mmr was 1614 right? After that i won 4 matches still no update?? Feels really bad

And is the mmr of disqualified pugs counted?

Ah I think you didn’t read the details completely, pasting again-
Also, MMR is not updated after every game. It updates after a batch of games