Sostronk keep crashing


my sostronk keep crashing and it dosnt even go to the logo in screen after they told me to update the client :confused:


We’ve got the logs you emailed us, it doesn’t seem to be crashing though (crashing means Windows shows you the “SoStronk has stopped working” message). If what you mean is its not starting up, check task manage if SoStronk.exe is running and stuck, if so end the task and start SoStronk again.

If that doesn’t help, try if reinstalling helps


it does say sostronk has stopped working



Ah ok, for crashes you’ll need to enable crash dumps in Windows and then I can check whats wrong. Download and run . Now the next time SoStronk crashes, you’ll see dump files in C:\Dump, use your favorite file sharing service (Google Drive etc) and send the file to