SoStronk is not a valid win32 app (windows7)



When this app is installed Through the installer I am unable to run the application I am on windows 7 64 bit


What error do you get?


Sostronk is not a valid win32 application


Looks like your SoStronk.exe is corrupt. To verify that, download and tell me what is the MD5 checksum it shows for SoStronk.exe




Hmm it is different, it should be 849983af8dff8ba1bb123caba0da68d1

Somehow your SoStronk.exe is getting modified after installation, make sure you don’t have any viruses on your computer. If you’re sure, send your SoStronk.exe to (rename it and remove .exe if your email service doesn’t let you send executables) and we will take a look.


With today’s update, the new MD5 should be 6af080709a5ae508d4e2e0d7781a68b1, in case you need to verify