SoStronk Easy Anti Cheat


I have installed the EAC but it always shows start service failed (31). If you can help me with the problem as soon as possible i would be grateful as the ESL India Premiership is nearing and i dont want to miss it because of this.


Error 31 is a general error referring to the fact that your Windows is unable to load system modules (which is what EAC uses). There can be a number of reasons for this, unfortunately pinpointing the exact one is very hard. EasyAntiCheat has some tips at, if those don’t work, some players had to resort to a Windows reinstall.


Well since you guys have made it mandatory again to install EAC. Well i play from a CAFE and there are like 25 Pcs and all state Error(31). They have disabled downloading there but after requesting them they allowed me to install it but it still states erorr(31). If you could help me with an alternative i would be grateful.


@ViPeRR we’ll have to figure out what exactly is causing the service to fail to start. Given that you said all PCs in that Cafe has that problem, its something which is common to all of them. My guess would be either the AntiVirus they’re using or some other software blocking EAC from launching.

Probably you can convince the Cafe guy to let you disable the AV in one of the systems in his presence so that you can confirm this?


Some people have also suggested using


They are not using any antivirus. They tried too install anti cheat but error 31 it is in all the pc’s.


Did you try running the AntiRootKit tool?


yes no result . as the esl cup 2 is approaching and sostronk is the host is there any alternative so as i do not miss the matches?




As of now we don’t know any other thing that you can try. Personally I think there is some common software/setting on those PCs (as its happening on all of them) which is causing this. Someone will need to find out what exactly it is by hit-and-trial. If you still can’t fix it, probably play from your home PC or another cafe. You can’t play if EAC is not able to run.