Sostronk Didnt Count My Kills! 5th time and nothing fixed yet!



Hello @shaan7
This is the 5th time sostronk didnt count my kills. I killed 25 and the site is showing 21. everytime it happens and i had to make a post and then no one reply and if reply also, there is no fix yet.
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Please be patient. There can be times when stats might have minor discrepancies which can take time to adjust (or impossible in some cases where some CSGO logs are missing).
As for your other posts, they (including a lot of other posts as well) will be attended to eventually-


happy anniversary btw . but it effect the match IR. On oct 17, i made a post, in which serverguy told me that he will update the stats and then he never did.
post link: Sostronk Didn't Count Any Of the Clutches! Effect My IR




ty @shaan7