SoStronk App Suggestion and Help


Hey SoStronk , This is Magician - Aakash Pahwa

Was thinking about this for a while. Wanted to suggest that sostronk could really make something like overwolf. As if an in-game notification or in-game add-on ( just like the one at the end of match showing match statistics ) . This notification appears anytime a player joins and shows his statistics and Impact Rating. Basically at every join there is an in-game notification about the player who has joined and his statistics are shown. Very useful I suppose. Maybe sostronk could implement this?

Also I would like a fix on this :

As I play on very low resolution, at the end of match when the match statistics are shown I cannot close the window due to which everytime my match ends at sostronk I have to quit the game. So I guess something can be done about the size of the window that pops up.

Thats all! You guys are doing a wonderful job! Waiting for stacked cooldowns :wink:


@powar ^ fix saar :wink:


Thanks for the suggestions @Magician. About the MOTD bug, you can disable it by setting cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 until we push out a fix for it.

After PUG match is over some sostronk info comes on screen and i have to quit the game always