Sostronk app not working says Your billing for google api is cancelled or something like that what do i do?

this is what it says:Your Google account is not currently enabled for this operation. Please check to see if you have a past due balance or if the credit card (or other payment mechanism) on your account is expired. You can find additional information at

Hi @BuRn2,

Thanks for reporting this, our team is on to fixing it. I’ll post a reply once its resolved.

Hi there

I am facing this problem too. Can I know what to do to resolve this problem??


same here, im facing this problem from past 2hours. cant download sostronk app

looks like we gotta wait for some time then :ice_cream :I

same here, have to play a match now annddd… :frowning:

Hey folks, we apologize for this issue. We’re working on fixing them but its taking longer because of some operational stuff. Should be back by tomorrow.

UPDATE: This is now fixed. Let us know if you’re still unable to download the app.

@shaan7 thanks alot it works now ! the crew is really strong!