Sostronk app is disrupting my internet connection while in a match (client is already up to date)


My client is already up to date, idk why it’s even sending traffic to me, and if I log off of sostronk, it will kick me off the server
Why the heck is it downloading data anyways?? My ping kept going up periodically and then stops, and then it goes up again from time to time


55KB/s sounds a lot if you are not interacting with the app. Usually the app only communicates continuously if you are in a lobby (map veto or Play/Custom). When idle, the only network activity the app will do is every 4 minutes update your ping to each of our locations. Can you tell me how much was the interval for you? (you mentioned time to time). Additionally, you can use “Show logs” from settings and open the latest logfile[1]. Every time the app makes a network call you will see a line like this-

Network call 2 QUrl("")

You can then figure out which call exactly is consuming the bandwidth.

[1] You can use tools like this to monitor the file


I checked it out and yes, I do get constant Network calls in multiple URLs
You can check them out here
I have 2 of them because I tried to fix the issue by reconnecting but it didn’t work
My friends aren’t having the problem because they are on fiber, but my internet plan is only 100 kbps max download speed terrible, i know, but that’s how it works where I live unfortunately.


From the logs it looks like your app was updating ping every 5 seconds. Did you have a lobby window open?


I had no lobby window open as seen in the screenshot, I exited all windows from sostronk
I’m pretty sure everyone is getting this but are not getting punished with lag because their internet connections are capable of handling multiple connections.


I’m having a hard time getting that to happen on my pc though -_- I am making other optimizations that I can think of though, lets see if that solves your issues.


Oh I forgot to mention, sorry.
This only happened when we are playing in the ASUS ROG last chance qualifiers.