Sostronk app is consuming more space than g chrome

Respected Developers,

I have uploaded a screenshot where you can see SSTK app is consuming near as much as RAM as google chrome( pardon me for my technical lingo) and i have checked the fps before and after running sstk in background, there’s a difference of about 30-40 fps ingame.

I have come to a conclusion that like Google/FB, sstk is also taking a peek into our personal data which is against the law, and thus request the developers to have a good look at it.

And, regarding the SSTK RAM CONSUMING issue, please take a look at it as well, as i am a vary vary serious esports player and nearly dropped the chance of joining SK gaming.

Nope, as per your screenshot, Chrome is using 547.46MB (=17.016+17.324+19.540+2.424+63.904+149.656+2.080+36.308+103.132+52.788+83.288)
while SoStronk is using 124.668MB of RAM. As per our current tests, 100MB-200MB is normal usage. We’re working to reduce it.

A very small number of people have reported this and we’ve spent a lot of time to reproduce this issue. However, we’re still unable to reproduce it with the machines at our disposal (for example a very weak Intel GPU Laptop gave us 40FPS without the app, and the same FPS with the app on de_dust2).
As soon as we get a report from one of the players who can figure out exactly what causes this (or what hardware can reliably reproduce this issue), we will be able to fix it.

And exactly how did you come to that conclusion? Please send relevant logs to (don’t post it here if it has private information).
As you might not have noticed, Google/Facebook etc are advertising companies whose business model is around selling you ads. However, SoStronk is a paid eSports platform and we don’t really have any business with your personal data. The only thing we record for analytics is your interaction with SoStronk app and your activity on SoStronk servers. period.

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