SoStronk app error

getting this error please tell me what to do

Is this the first time you’re trying SoStronk? Or did it stop working for you recently?

First Time

Ok, first make sure the files libEGL.dll and libGLESV2.dll are there in the SoStronk folder. If they are present, try reinstalling a latest version of your graphics driver. The last time I heard of this error was an year back that reinstalling graphics driver fixed it for that player.

Thanks for helping

Let me know if that doesn’t solve it, we’ll try my best to find out whats wrong.

Ok sure.

Same issue :frowning:

Can you try the .reg files from one by one (quit SoStronk, run a .reg file, run SoStronk again) and see if the app starts.

Nope it says the same.I guess i should update my GPU