SoStronk App Crashed, Resulting in Cooldown

Hi Admins,

@akS @ServerGuy @shaan7

I want to report an issue, So it goes something like this. I opened the SoStronk App, Clicked on the PUG tab got inside, Was waiting… Clicked few notifications and boom the Sostronk app crashed. When I logged back in I see this.

Now I am wondering, Neither did I find a match, accepted it and failed to join resulting in CD, Nor did the accept button came and I failed to click it within the time limit of 25 secs.

I was just in the PUG window and it shows me a cool down. Its kinda weird. Could you please have a look into this ? Also, The app is crashing a lot since the last update. Before I rarely faced the crashing issue now it crashes around 3-4 times per night.

Hope to see a response soon.

Thank You

Hi @WhoreHouse,

Submit a report using the HELP button so that we can verify the app crash and take action.