Sostronk ac issues

everytime i join a match my ac is enabled i can see that on top right corner saying odin protected when i join the game while in warmup my game auto crashes sometimes i get lucky n reconnect within 30 sec but sometimes i cant . at 1st i thought it was the game n reinstalled csgo completely now that i play faceit and mm. but thu issue happens only in sstrnk that too in 1 specific id since i got cd for days together i tried playing in a friends id my game doesnt crash please help
now i got a cd for 3days please help


Have you tried temporarily disabling Antivirus software and other Anticheat software (like Faceit etc) before running SoStronk? Although we have tested our Anticheat with major Antivirus vendors, some players have reported that disabling the AV works for them.