Something to be said


Okay, so today I started playing the server, I registered an account, downloaded the software installed it, logged in and got into a server. Joined the server in middle 7-6 result, I had a pistol 2 terrorists planning to plant the bomb, I was all alone single I failed to defend them from planting the bomb and suddenly I got a kick.
Seriously you guys are that shitty? everyone who joins has to get the win if not you just kick them out of the game? how pathetic you guys are. Just change that shitty mindset. Just think someone joining the community competitive server for the first time all you want is, he need to kill the opponent if not u just kick him?
Server IP: <- this is the server I got kicked from.


Yeah even after saying that we are new to the game and trying different things few guys with narrow mindset guys just kick and dont even think that the new person might create a bad reputation for the game and the Sostronk server


Yep there are losers at times who don’t really play well with others. Maybe some day we’ll make a “loser detector” and kick such people off the server :smiley: