Some Suggestions :)


Hi I have 4 suggestions for you, out of which some might already be in the pipeline as you people working out there are brilliant people.

Suggestions for app:

  1. Let players see how much time is left for a disconnected player to join back in the app itself, so that they don’t spam connect IP in the console. You already capture the data in-game, you just need to display it on the app.
  2. Make a new column “Viewers” so that users can see how many people are watching a certain PUG/Match.
  3. Make all the columns (Type/Map/Players/Location/Ping/Viewers) sortable.

Suggestion for site:

  1. Make a page, which captures and categorizes all ranks. So a user can straightly go and check who falls under which rank.

Hope you find my suggestions valuable and implement them if they are feasible. Thanks!