Some love for Linux?

Ayy, so I just recently dualbooted Linux along with Windows 10 (mostly to test FPS and stuff) and it’s a huge improvement over Windows. I’ve also managed to run SoStronk on Linux using Wine ( but it almost instantly crashes. (and I have to connect to a server within a few seconds of the client working) Then I get kicked after a few rounds because I don’t have the client running. If you have a way to make it atleast a bit more stable, let me know. Thanks :smiley:


Hi @PotatoxD,

Thanks for the post. There are couple of reasons why SoStronk doesn’t have a Mac and Linux installer - one being the number of competitive players on those platform being too low to justify development time for a small team like us. The second is that the 3rd party anticheat that we use only works on Windows. So even if we publish a SoStronk installer for Mac and Linux, you’ll not be able to use the anticheat.

Hopefully the situation becomes better in the near future as the app itself can run fine on Mac (some of our testers use a Mac) and Linux (my primary development desktop runs Kubuntu).

Also see Where Is The Linux Version of Sostronk Cant find It

SoStronk uses Qt5 Toolkit, so, theoretically if it utilizes all OS dependent features using Qt then it should be painless to get a Linux port.
Edit: Just read your other comment about Easy Anti-Cheat not supporting Linux. ;(

Yes @FErer the app itself can be packaged to run on Linux (Infact I work on it while running KDE Neon) but given the anticheat is only on Windows it will be useless.
We have plans to support macOS and Linux once our player base is large enough to support that.

This is unlikely to happen in the near future, see No versions for mac!