Some General Feedback & Bugs I found/common



I really love playing Sostronk Pugs but these bugs kind of irritate me all the time. I know this is nitpicking but a perfect client does help a player to enjoy the UI of the client better, So here are the bugs i found.

  1. When in Lobby and you want to invite someone: This bug occurs very frequently,almost every time. What happens is when I click on invite option and invite a player, the invite popup does not disappear immediately,but takes almost a second to do so, this allows players to inv someone multiple times by frequently pressing the inv button or spamming it, It really annoys when u getting like 5 invites a second.

I have attached a screenshot of this.

  1. When you try to 1v1:
    When searching for a pug and you decide to 1v1/2v2, after the players hitting ready and when the lobby admin hits launch,a popup appears frequently that the selected server is currently full try again later.This is resolved when u click on Location of the server and click on Bangalore server or any other server available the match is launched again.

  2. 1v1/2v2:
    Another very common bug is that when u create a lobby and while searching for a pug,You decide to 1v1/2v2 and decide to create a lobby for 1v1/2v2,but even before you invite someone,the client auto invites anyone that is on the lobby along side me. My friends have joined the lobby without me inviting them.This happens almost every time.

  3. The home-screen IR/STATS Section does not update after every game. While the stats in the lobby of the client update every time, The stats on the home screen does not update immediately after a pug is finished.
    It takes someone to restart the client for the STATS to get updated.

  4. Chat in the lobby: When the lobby chat has more and more messages, Every time someone chats again or starts searching again after stopping,The lobby chat goes to the first message sent every time. This is really annoying since u have to scroll down every time someone messages.

Now coming to some feedback:

  1. Anti-Cheat: I know that Odin is still in its early stages and all,but there is hardly any fps drops that i face and these days i see people rarely complain about fps issues caused by Odin [That is there are none in fact at the moment].
    And since Sostronk is paid/only for subscribers currently, I think there is no reason for every one to not have Odin turned on compulsory. I feel like do not wait for more reports or something like that.Implement Compulsory Anti-Cheat for everyone and make sure that they cannot start the client without the Anti-Cheat running like ESEA has implemented.

Currently you can still use the client or fire up the client even after CS:GO is running in background.It simply shows close CS:GO before running Anti-Cheat.This must be changed.Players should not be able to open or do anything without the Anti-Cheat enabled and running fully. In fact players should not be allowed to search for a pug without the AC enabled.

As you can see From the above screenshots, My game was running in the background.

  1. Karma system: Please implement whatever system you guys are planning to counter toxic players fast,It is really annoying to see these guys rage to lower skilled players get trash talked and you can do nothing about it.

  2. Add an option where you can see if the players are in-game or not or in a lobby:
    People tend to invite other friends when they are in-game quite often.This really irritates someone like me when innocent friends keep spamming invites and the sound of getting invited without them knowing that i am currently in a PUG.

  3. The 1v1/2v2 feature:
    While searching for a PUG you can now 1v1/2v2 with your friends and I love this feature so much.Thank you for implementing this,It is really useful if you are not warmed up and want to warm up as well fun.But my suggestion is that kindly make it so that you can 2v1/3v2 etc,as you can only 1v1/2v2 currently and its disappointing when you have 3 or 5 members in a lobby.

  4. Map Veto: While Vetoing maps, I feel like the captains should be given preference according to their stats or ranks. If a person does not vote 2 times consecutively someone else should be made the captain instead of wasting time.
    One more thing is that it would be better if we had a Room Chat & a Team Chat. It would be fun talking with all the Room players too.

That’s it i guess,Will update if I find anymore bugs in the future. Hope my Feedback was useful and would be great if you guys could fix some of the issues I’ve mentioned.




Thanks a LOT for the detailed post. It really makes it easier to fix bugs if they’re described like this :slight_smile:

Fixed. This be out in the next update.

Interesting. Given that Banglaore is the only location, what was filled before you clicked and changed location? If you don’t remember, can you report this using the HELP button on the app Immediately when it happens next? It will send us logs.

Um, this is actually an intentional feature because people usually 1v1/2v2 with their party mates. Note that you can always kick them out later.

I’ll look into these soon.

From a game point of view, that is correct. Infact that is what we have wanted and have been working towards the past few months. Unfortunately, given our limited experience in this area, we haven’t been able to isolate issues that approx 5-10% of users have with Odin (in simpler terms, there are players who have some software/os configuration that prevents Odin from properly accessing the game). Till we are near 100% sure that this is fixed, we have no option but to enforce it only on suspects. For a long time, FaceIT followed a similar policy as well, lets see how long till we get there.

Players who are marked suspects (either automatically due to heuristics or manual by admins) will get kicked if they started CS:GO without Odin. So when they see this message, they will have to restart CS:GO.

Its been in pipeline for the last few weeks and should be out soon.

This has been on our cards for more than an year but we haven’t yet gotten to it because stuff like Odin / MM fixes etc / government compliance development etc etc takes on priority. We hope we get this done soon.

@ServerGuy 2v1 should be easy to do yeah?

We’ve got this feedback quite regularly from other channels and well. We are still discussing internally on whats the right thing to do here.

We might implement this if more players ask for this.

Yep, it was very useful, thanks a lot for taking the effort, really appreciate it :slight_smile: