[SOLVED]BUG: Screen flickering and black strips when using SoStronk


This is what is happening when I open CSGO with SoStronk on, when I exit SoStronk this doesn’t happens.

Laptop: Asus S550C
Intel Core i5
Nvidia 635M(2GB)



Can you also test what happens if you minimize SoStronk?


It’s the same, i’ll have to completly close Sostronk and restart steam to get back to normal.


Can you test one more time, and confirm that you MUST close Steam as well? Because then it might be some complex interaction between SoStronk and Steam (the only time SoStronk talks to Steam is if you press the Connect button in the server IP dialog).


Confirmed. It’s the same. I tried with SoStronk open and tried the Connect option and also with copy pasting the IP. However, this time when I closed SoStronk from the Tray, I didn’t have to restart steam but sometimes I have to.


Can you tell me your Graphics card make+model and the driver version you have installed?

Also, when you press x on SoStronk app, the window completely closes (but SoStronk keeps running), even then you get CS:GO flicker?


Laptop: Asus S550C
CPU: Intel i5-3317U @ 1.70GHz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT635M 2GB
GPU driver version: 368.81 (Release date: 7/14/2016)

I don’t know the Graphic card make, how may I find it though?


FIXED: I just updated my drivers and it was fixed, I somehow accidentally turned off the Nvidia Experience check for auto-update option and didn’t cared enough to check for an update manually. I sincerely apologize to shaan7 for being careless and thank him for his time and interest.


Cool, happy that its fixed!