Solve Impact Rating bugs asap


So when I win a match with 14 or 15 ir my overall ir increases by 0.4 or 0.5. Now I join a match in between, complete the match(we lost the game) and my rating for that game was 14.5 ir and my overall ir doesnt change by a digit. Seriously what is this?


This is the case of a ringer getting a very high IR. Its the biggest drawback of our current stats system. Having said that, we’ve started working on some changes that’ll fix this case. In the near future we’ll push out an update where you’ve to play a minimum of 60% of the game to be eligible to get stats (including IR).


For any noticeable change in your overall IR after a game, you need to get a rating which is much larger compared to the overall number. The overall IR is basically an average of your IR for all the games you’ve played.


So u are telling me when the Impact Rating in a game which I joined in between will be high, that IR will not be counted and whenever the f**k I join a game in the last round and the impact rating is 2 or 3, a whopping deduction takes place from my overall IR. Good job guys, didnt expect this from sostronk.


2 or 3 rounds is also less than 60%. So even in this case, your IR wont be counted for that game, so your overall IR is not affected.


I connected on the last round played just the last round of the game. I had 0 kills, IR was 0 for that game, but overall IR dropped by 0.5 or 0.6. Please fix these issues.


Yes we are pushing that update out soon.