So people can kick in pug If they need slot for there friend?


Well i got kicked for no reason . Probably rest of the players needed slot for there friend or some other reason that i don’t know .

pug details :

This is not the first time this happened .

Please do something about this .


@BluezB Please suggest solution ,it’s sad thing and I am not supporting such players but
the .kick is very imp feature of pugs so that we can avoid griefers


well take actions against such people .
like ban for a week or few days . Don’t just ignore this !


Doing this heuristic is quite advanced and to implement such a system it will take quite some time. The system will need to take lot of things into consideration to definitively calculate when 4 individual players are kicking for a friend.
For now we have a limit on how many times .kick can be used, while its not 100% effective it works most of the time.


well … you guys can start with helping those … who post in support thread !

that’s all i am asking anyway . If anyone make a thread about getting kicked for no legit reasons with enaf evidence . Give them some justice . :slight_smile:


Given our team size[1], that will not work with the number of PUGs we have every day. There will need to be someone who can keep looking at such reports, analyze evidence and ban people. It has to be automatic, or something like Valve’s Overwatch.

[1] See


That i can agree with . yes you guys need a person dedicated to customer support . :slight_smile:
But again hope you guys will figure out something … !! thank you for reply tho

still want some step against those people . As it was not funny for me that i got kicked :slight_smile:


Well imo its better they kicked you, its not like you would’ve had a good game with those people in the team.