Slots fulled typed .r auto kicked me and i got a 24 hour ban : /


my id is Paul_ i joined a pug it showed 9/10 players when i went it i quickly type .r only to realize all slots were full and i was still in the game i felt like i was stuck in spec mode the game started and after round one i got kicked and there was reconnect warning i tried to reconnect again and still i was the same thing i was in spec for 1 round and then i kicked me. Can u guys help?


Yeah, something went wrong in that PUG, you shouldn’t have got the cooldown. I have removed it.


Thank you bro much appreciated !


same thing happend to me just now around 19:35 today and got cd now :frowning:

@shaan7 help

cobblestone match
i have screens of app if u want


@ServerGuy pls2check , @Kick4ss was somehow in spec and had to .r.

Cooldown retracted.


thanks shan for your reply