Site refuses to send verification email to steam linked account


Hey, I tried to make an account on here so I could join my team for the PGL KeSPA Asia Minor Qualifiers, for some reason the verification email refused to come through, in any folder. I got the welcome email, and received one when I tried to reset password, but after resending 50 times, still no verification email. “If you don’t receive this email, please check your junk mail folder or contact Support for further assistance” Funny that I needed a verified account to contact support… Finally managed to receive a verification email for my third account made. The alias of the account I need access to is “Zaltasia” please help, I do not want to miss out on the qualifiers because of a technical glitch!


Hi @Zalt, from what I understand you need help activating your account with alias Zaltasia. If that is correct, please send an email to because I wouldn’t paste your email for verification in a public forum.