Singapore server doesnt create on time issue



Yesterday i’ve played sostronk lobby with my friend. Each time we get ready, the notification of creating the server is pop up. But often it’s eventually fail to create the server on time. We have to try it like 5 times or even switching the lobby leader to make this server works.
Then after we managed to make the server, inside the server, we have a ‘server choke’. So like, we have a good ping, but the server was not very smooth when we playing it. (like lagging, but not because of ping)

I know it’s still beta, but it would be very kind if you guys can look it up for this for the next update, just wanna hear what you guys thought about this :slight_smile:
thank you


If you don’t mind me asking, what location are you playing from? Can you please report of the same issue happens on other locations or just SG for you?


Im from indonesia. Yes it’s not just SG, just frequently on SG. I mean, we tried to change it to banglore, and it works for less couple tries than SG server. Hope you can improve this better…


Thanks for reporting this @VidEDa, it should be fixed now :slight_smile: