Shit cooldown system in which you get ban due to sostronks fault

yesterday 2 bugs happened in so stronk mm.
The accept button never got clicked and i got a 3 day ban.
Today, i left a match and got connected to the server still i got the ban of 7 days .
Why should i get a 7 day ban when i never got 3 day one?
My 3 day ban got cancelled automatically.
Why should i get a 7 day ban?
You can check all your stats and stuff.
This is pure shitness.

Why should I feel motivated to go through going through tons of logs to find what went wrong, and then to fix the bugs when this post starts with Shit cooldown system and This is pure shitness.?

Lol. I love this. No one is a customer here. Guess we ain’t paying for anything as yet and we’ve just moved out of beta. Be patient my man :slight_smile: I like the fact that the staff is not phony!

Well technically once we get our payment gateways fleshed out, a lot of you guys will be customers, technically. But even then I’d like to be very specific and forthcoming instead of the usual “your query has been forwarded to the concerned team” :stuck_out_tongue:

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