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If you dont have one, follow these steps.

  • Visit your inventory page on browser (eg:
  • On top right of the page, you’ll find a Trade Offers button. On clicking that you’ll be taken to your trade page.
  • On the right hand side click on Who can send me Trade Offers?
  • You’ll find the trade URL at the bottom of the page

Won a AK-47 Cartel FN

Entry No :18 on the


You’ll have to wait :stuck_out_tongue:


Trade url -

My acc hv trade ban till 12 june just send me my items i will accept the trade after ban
Name-Karanjit Singh
Won- 2 Chroma 2 case keys and Ak redline Bs
Req no.- 165,194,198


I had Won :3 BUt not yet got my Gift :confused:


Hello there.

I am Ayush Dudheria and I won an AWP Corticera on number 33. I have e-mailed SoStronk before fulfilling their requirements and completing the formalities =)

Here’s my trade offer:

Thanks a ton, SoStronk, my first giveaway win ever!


u added me but u didnt replied so i deleted u :3 i l read this post just now … i sent u friend request again…
Entry NO.: 2 and 30

trade link :



PSB my trade URL,

Please do the needful. Thanks!


okay xD


I am Ashutosh Jadhav and i won 1 croma2 case key and 1 m4a4 bullet rain MW
Here’s my trade link

won 2* ak redline ft!! ty for that again
entry number 17 and 40

my trade link :slight_smile: i won a falchion case key :smiley:

22nd entry :smiley:


Mukund Dodeja here
I won a chroma 2 case :smiley:

My entry number :- 35
My Trade Link :-



My Trade url -


My trade link I’m no. 39 in listing, I won AK Redline FT

I won A Ak redline FT No.25


Shubham Lad here
i won chroma 2 case key for the correct prediction of no. 52( no. 8 on list), i have also won the half time prediction prize


I am Ishaan Meena and I won a StatTrack M4A4 Griffin Factory New.
e-mail :
Profile Link :
Trade URL :
Entry number 37 in SpreadSheet


Hi, Rudresh Ghildiyal here, won a key
Trade URL :