Server related issues

Hello Sostronk admins,
I got two cooldown back to back due to the auto-disconnect from following pug servers.
I want you to please reset my cooldown i have 12hrs cooldown on my account atm.
And losses have spiked while connecting to the servers and it spikes in between its not due to my internet connection all 5 of our team member got loss spikes at same time and our pings were stable.


auto-disconnect as in the server kicked you? What message did you get?

Note that cooldowns are cleared only for server side issues. For loss etc to be server side, all 10 players must have faced it, which wasn’t the case here (there are only 2 cooldowns for the PUG which actually finished successfully

I didnt got any messages as such just got disconnected from server on it own and cannot even reconnect to the following pug after i got cooldown on sostronk.
Server kicked me out on its own no messages like connect via app or sort no messages.

If there was no message that means it wasn’t a server kick. You might’ve simply got disconnected/timed out because of a connection issue. Let me repeat again, if it were a server issue, all 10 players would’ve got disconnected.