Server Problem We Cannot Connect To Server


@admin we cannot connect to the server. Insidious Vs KZBoyz


We had been waiting for 16 mins but the server is not up yet


connect this server has some issue


Your match is being rehosted on another server, keep monitoring the server browser, it will show the server with your team’s name once its online.


Alright noted with thanks <3


You’re welcome. Our apologies for the delay.


do we need to leave the lobby ? to get a new lobby?


If the lobby map veto is completed, you don’t need to go to a new lobby. The server will launch automatically in some time and you’ll see it in the server browser (and a Join button will also come in the bottom of lobby).


Hi @kent1, the server has launched, you can connect


thanks! anyways one of our sub members cannot join using their own account? they stated you are not part of this match


Only people who have been added to the team BEFORE the server was created can join. You need to add everyone, including subs before the server goes up.


If you are sure the player/sub was added before the server got launched, make sure the player/sub is using the SAME account connected to his profile.