Server got crashed got a 3 day cooldown plz revoke asap asap asap :)


was playing on sstk match making suddenly server crashed and I got a cooldown for 3 days. Admins plz revoke the ban :slight_smile:




You sure the server crashed? Because everything looks fine on the PUG page (scores, stats are there, even the demo)


may be it came back i guess cuz i asked 2 ppl on my server if the server crashed they said yes so i went afk may b then the server myt have gone back up again anyways my bad sorry to bother you


Yeah it seems like there was some ISP which lost connectivity to our route and you couldn’t reach it. You can always check your PUG page and demo :stuck_out_tongue:


ok np 3 days no leaderboards though i hope i can atleast try my luck at daily events even when i am banned