Screenshot of tracert for fixing PING SPIKES(NEED HELP)


Hi, I have a 5 mbps fibre connection(hathway delhi) but I face ping spikes on sostronk servers.As per your guide I am posting the screenshot of tracert and my ip.

I will be pleased if you could help me.Also I have an upload speed of around 400kbps.Is that the cause of problem?


Thanks in advance.



Thanks for posting the screenshot. As you can see, your best MTR ping is 46 and worst s 73, which isn’t really spiking.

However, if you get ping spike during the game, the reason can be slow upload speed for 128tick. We recommend using at least 1Mbps upload connection (even 512 kbps can work, but even that will spike sometimes).



Thanks for the prompt response.As posted in screenshot there are two ip’s where there is no response so I was wondering if that is causing the problem?(I mailed that screenshot to my isp)

Also,will an upload speed of 1mbps be absolutely stable or do i need to get more?



The no response is not a problem. Lot of ISPs and datacenters disable ping replies from certain routers in the path for security reasons.

1mbps will be stable for a single 128tick server.


Thanks for the help.I also contacted my isp regarding the issue and he came to the conclusion that everything is fine with the traceroute.Hence the problem should be my upload speed only.