Routing issue due to


my ping used to be 5ms on sostronk mumbai
now its 100-120
same for all other servers and its due to routing issue from last week , I have done the tracert and i know where the issue is but I wanna know how i/you can solve that issue ???
problem - all my network traffic is routed through >><<(20-50ms) then >> <<(80-160ms) this ip and then it in case of valve sv it goes to some US ip then to other US ip and in case of sostronk it goes through >><< (120-150ms)then >><< then to sostronk.
so the problem is on communications) side.
1 more thing i noticed is ping goes to normal(5ms) after 12:30pm-1am till 10-11 in morning so i think it goes down when network traffic is low.

i just wanna know what you can do in this case
sorry i didn’t uploaded the tracert as m not in home now but i can upload it if you want
thanks for reading i know its too long to read
any help is appreciated

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I have googled it and done search here and found out that 9/10 times the issue includes ""
in there tracert which is owned by tata communications so I wanna know what i can do
or can you guys(DC of sostronk) do something.


You’ll need to paste your traceroute etc so that even we can analyze it.


tracert for mumbai sostronk sv

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
3 3 ms 3 ms 2 ms
4 2 ms 2 ms 1 ms
5 108 ms * 122 ms []
6 108 ms 107 ms 106 ms
7 107 ms 109 ms * []
8 118 ms 120 ms 150 ms
9 109 ms 108 ms 108 ms
10 * 108 ms 108 ms []

this tracert taken on peak time ie.8:30pm so its even worse


Cool. So, there is something you misunderstood on the trace here. Let me clear it for you, whenever a traceroute says this-

1 10ms
2 100ms

What this means is that your data packets took 90ms going from 1 to 2. In your case-

1 =
2 =

So the connection that 1 has 2 is quite bad and the problem in your case. Typically this is caused by configuration issues or simply a bad connection that 1 has taken to 2. In your case the IP belongs to “SAMPARK ESTATES PVT. LTD.”. My guess is thats either your ISP or another ISP that your local ISP is using.

vsnl itself is fine, if you see in your tracert hops 5 to 10 are hardly a 1ms increase, meaning that once your packets reach their datacenter they are handling it properly inside there.


you could be right but it doesn’t work that way; its far more complicated than what it looks like;

What I know is its unpredictable for us (atleast for me) coz its the connection issue between them so it could be only “1” or both or it could be only “2” (receiving end) that causing the ping problem so its beyond my reach thats why i cant tell.

But from my analysis(on this forum and various other sites) i can tell that (tata-communications) is the one to blame as in tracert of 90% people with ping issue(in India) there is atleast 1 hop that goes through vsnl so it sums up there ;

vsnl is not fine its in the middle of every(almost every) ping issue in India

thanks for help

by the way its gone (for now atleast)
i have registerd an complaint on tatacommunications website on sunday and tuesday afternoon they worked on it (I guess coz at that time my internet got disconnected multiple times each time changing the pings from 5 to 250) and at night the ping came back to 5ms; it didn’t went above 40-50ms since then so I think they have done something
and strange thing is they didn’t even reply :disappointed_relieved: but who cares


Well all those forums could be thinking the same thing, that if a higher ping shows next to a VSNL hop, its their fault :stuck_out_tongue:
What I explained was from both the Computer Networks I have studied and applied practically, although in the real world there are multiple reasons that can cause lags, bandwidth choke and stuff, the basics remain same.

Also, if VSNL was at fault, no one would get good ping to SoStronk (the DC we’re hosted in is built on top of VSNL’s networking) :smiley:


IDK anymore :slight_smile: but m not saying that I read it on forum ; the forum thing was about people complaining high-pings and they have submitted tracert in which vsnl is always there

the routing logic was just applied by me from my little practical experience as m the 1 who gets the call if my isp has any issues on his local switches :yum: In case of my ISP: sometime some port of switch just refuse to give <1ms to certain client its very rare case but it does happen (he use cheapest iball switches :confused: )


had 40-80 ping on mumbai and banglore servers now since you updated the servers i have 250+ ping.

I live in Qatar and used to play a lot with no problem before the update last night.

Please help me


Server update doesn’t really affect the routing, we haven’t changed the locations. Try following this and see if you can figure something out High ping? Loss? Find out where the problem is