Retrying to connect issue

As soon as a pug gets created, I am not able to join the server. Getting Retrying issue constantly.

Also, in sostronk app, it does not display number of players /Pings when this happens. After CD or sometime , it gets corrected somehow. Got 12 HR ban. Continuously third time issue today. Any help?

Hmm there should not be any correlation in a server launching and you losing connectivity to the servers. The fact that the app is not able to reach the IPs means something on your PC/ISP is prevent it from connecting.
If it happens every time, you can test your theory by launching a Practice server and see what happens.

It went well past two days, but it happened again today. Got DC midgame and got CD fo 3 days. Here is the Tracert for the server IP, can you see anything wrong?

Also, Sostronk is connected, I mean, I can see my cooldown/match result etc. But the SERVER ping and players, id disappearing. I’m just looking for ways to debug this issue.

Hmm so that means somehow CSGO UDP packets are not going through for anything (it doesn’t seem to be related to just one IP, no servers show up details for you). The next step would be to check if you can actually connect to any SoStronk server at all (try different locations, any random server). If you can’t connect to any, go to CS:GO Community Server Browser and see if you can connect to a non-SoStronk server there.