Reporting a hacker please help

sstk id -
Steam -
match -

please help us balanty walling in pugs.

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pls take some action against these cancer players who ruined matchmaking and now came on sostronk to ruin legit players games also.

check from 6th round of first half.

A humble request. Have been an adamant sostronk supporter and subscriber for as far as I can remember. Disabling the kick feature was fine and we also appreciate all the work you’'ve put in with the new ranked pugs and everything but the hackers on sosotronk is rising everyday, So i’d hope you guys come up with that anti-cheat you’ve been working upon, would be really great.

He has been banned. I agree the influx of hackers has increased however as we work towards our anti-cheat, we have to work together to make manual reporting work. Even though we monitor all .bug reports, most of them are spam and tremendously hamper our review process. If you are sure and have watched the demo, please post on the forums as well with the link like you did and we will take action immediately.

Thank you so much <3
Please work on your anti cheat as soon as possible ty :smiley: