Report : Players leaving pug

All the players from opposite players left the match.
These guyz join pug and leave when they know they cant win.
It happened many times.
I’m linking the match id down. Please do something about these players.(Probably ban)

Match ID :

Hi, even if we had a automated system to handle this, 6-0 is not enough rounds to decide if the players left with bad intensions. We would have given a ban if the total rounds played were at least 10.

These things makes players not play on sostrnk pug.
On Matchmaking atleast players dont leave and if they leave they get
Atleast add cooldowns if all players leave at once.
Waiting for reply.

Hi. We know that this is irritating. We are gamers ourselves :). We are working on a solution to try and solve this epidemic. Look out for an announcement from us soon.