Reconnected but then still got cd


I disconnected while playing then rejoined after 30 seconds but still got cd. and after few rounds was automatically kicked from the server. please look into this.



As per the records this is the PUG where you disconnected at 21:27:22.805 and failed to connect back till 21:30:22.805. Can you get the demo and point us out to which round you had joined back that your cooldown should’ve been canceled? We’ll take a look.



it was 0-1 i got killed second round and disconnected and rejoined the very next round when it was 0-2. Even after joining,the message was appearing as “waiting for deadly_ghost to join back” then even i checked my sostronk app minimizing the game i was logged in into it . Then i got 2 hours cool down and got kicked automatically. you can please do check the demo. i did rejoin on third round (3rd) after disconnecting on second round. please look into it that i shudnt face a 24hr long next cd please reverse back my 2 hr cd that i already cleared. thanks.