Reason of getting ban pls


Please let me know the complete details of my ban in sostronk. Just need an explanation. I assume the enemy team reported me so I would like the chat log from that server and please don’t tell me you can’t pull that up these are dedicated servers and you will have the log. Probably a permanent ban I assume. I tried to search up your forums, f.a.q, help pages or any particular section where I can get to know the reason of ban no information to be found. So it is safe for me tell that admins can ban players at their own will . If this is the case then please update the website and ban reasons on your website so other players actually know about it what to do and what not. More if cheat detect would have been the case that if I would have been cheating then it would have detected from day 1-2 . but after 15 days i am banned that means its surely done by admins. Don’t tell tell that ur anti cheat system are so poor that it surpasses the cheats. And if it is so then pls close this website and servrs… I have already wrote a mail to support but the supports are too lazy to give a reason.

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  1. If ur anti cheat has detected hacks then give feedback about which hack cz I am also confused about which hack i use that the sostronk ppl has banned.

  2. if its due to spec by admins… Then please appoint better ppl who are well qualified to spec and atleast assume 70 % percent correctly.

  3. If its due to personal reason then don’t make sostronk public , keep it in ur yard and play among ur frnds.



Hello Rachel1, you have been banned by our admins for cheating. Have a wonderful life. Cheers.

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i think u r week in english… !!



Englando is hard. Kannada besht.



Yep, they have better things to do.

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Oh god.



then they should do that instead of supporting… some1 else can do support who has nothing to do…



A cheater really is at the bottom of our priorities. Why in God’s name should we bother with a cheater’s tickets? Do you have a mental disability?



Valve should’ve used that instead of “This statement is false” in Portal2 xD



[quote=“shaan7, post:9, topic:37523”]
Valve should’ve used that instead of “This statement is false” in Portal2 xD
[/quote] which statement and what is about