Question about new Subscription system

Is there any expiry of tokens purchased like 5 tokens for Rs 15?

If this is true then what is the point of token system,didn’t you bring this because of ""For example, let’s say you want to play just 2-3 PUGs today and are going to go on a vacation for the rest of the month, you can get just a few tokens to play for today instead of going for a monthly subscription! “”

Will my token will be used if I join a pug in between?

Hey @sy7k_wasabi,

Yes, tokens expire after 60 days as shown on the Supply Drop screen in the app.

Well yeah that was the point. Just that when we discussed we said “lets say you want to play just 10-15 PUGs this week”. I think what you said makes sense and we should have token bundles for as low as 5 PUGs.

No. (If it does happen it is a bug, please let us know)