Queries About AntiCheat


All i wanted to ask is do you guys have control over what applications to allow to run while anticheat is on. The reason is that I’m a frequent user of SLAM (Source Live Audio Mixer , alternative of HLDJ). But the anticheat is blocking the software. SLAM is just means of mere amusement in pugs etc. So would like to have it run like before. (Many other people use it as well.)



We use EasyAntiCheat for SoStronk servers. The anticheat software does prevent a range of other tools from executing depending on its blacklist and algorithms. Sometimes this can include seemingly innocent things (SLAM in your example). Rest assured that this is done in the best interest of all players and maintaining a cheat-free environment.

Note: if you need to run any tools on non-SoStronk games and EasyAntiCheat blocks it, you can always go to SoStronk Settings and temporarily stop EasyAntiCheat.


Damn :frowning:

Thanks though for a quick reply