Pug on specific server

hello,how can i choose the region myself? I just played on 500 ms ping on mumbai (im from pakistan) and i get 80 on dubai server. Everything else is cool, no cheaters.

Thanks for the report. The matchmaking system should not place you on >150ms ping. We will investigate and get this fixed.

Thanks. When should I try next time?

Hi @happY5

I just pushed the new code that should fix this (you should not be thrown into a server >150 ms ping). Please test it out and let me know

FYI @Ryuk ^ will be nice if you can test it as well :slight_smile:

Although i didn’t get in game due to my broken internet nowadays, but when
i tried searching for a game it said “pings are bad for you at all pug
location” as they were above 150. so i guess it worked. thanks for the
response bro.

Um why did that happen? You said your ping on our Dubai server is 80, has it increased?

Yeah. I am getting high ping on every server due to bad internet for the
past 2 days. But I think what you implement in your code worked as it wasnt
searching at all.

Yeah thats a marketing problem we have to solve (for example right now Dubai DM is 16/16, we just need them to get the app and hit PUG)

I think people in india get around 50ms on dubai servers. They can play on
them as well

You must be from UAE and so lucky😂