Pug locations not available due to high ping


So basically when I play ingame while searching for pugs, there comes a notification highlighted in red letters that servers are not available. Even when I’m browsing on the net or watching videos there is this issue. Please fix it. Thankyou.


Looks like your bandwidth is quite stuffed. What you can do is start searching before you connect to a DM or start watching a video.


I actually did but when accept comes and then the error in red letters comes again.


That error is shown when you attempt to click Accept? Thats weird because we do the check only when you hit Go.


But if think when people dont aceept, the error comes when the app automatically regoes. Also I have been kick for many lobbies cause of this. Also I’ve been experiencing ping spikes in pugs often, but in official matches there were regular ping spikes.


Thankyou for the update. Nice response team.


Hmm that can happen because when it starts searching again, we verify your pings again. That cannot be changed as its important to the matchmaking process :frowning: